Inventory Management

We can provide full inventory management for our clients.
This activity includes organisation of product flows, management of storage spaces as well as staff training and management of vehicles and equipment.

E-commerce logistics

We assist clients in B2C and B2B e-commerce with adequate, flexible, reliable logistics support.
This is possible thanks to our partnership with PVS Services Italia S.r.l.


The warehouses at our Parma facilities (16,000 sq.m.) are used for deposit, picking and shipping activities on behalf of our clients, with computerised in/out systems with specific software to enable maximum accuracy and speed in the tracking of goods flows.

Specialised fashion logistics

For decades, important clients in the fashion industry have relied on us for the handling of hung and folded garments, qualifying our company as a specialist in fashion logistics.

Other services


Our fleet consists of a large number of vehicles for transport and shuttling services, including dedicated vehicles fitted out for the transport of garments.


All our facilities (areas and warehouse) are protected by advanced video surveillance, anti-theft, anti-intruder systems as well as by 24-hour day and night patrolling services.
The goods stored in our warehouses are insured with a primary insurance company.