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The SOCIAL REPORT is the main instrument used, along with the traditional Financial Statement, to show the social value created with the actions and strategies implemented during a given year.

Now in its fifteenth year, the Social Report of La Giovane is included in the reporting process started in these years. In addition to becoming a part of the company’s regular system, it has opened a new phase in the relationships between the various subjects who participate in the life of our Cooperative.

This Document makes it possible to implement a form of supplementary reporting in addition to the Financial Statement and to highlight the relationship between the Company and its Stakeholders ; its aim is to meet the needs of internal and external stakeholders in terms of information and knowledge beyond the mere financial aspects and to report on the company’s mission, objectives, strategies and activities.

The Cooperative has multiple reference points: members, clients, employees, suppliers, community, environment and institutions.

The Social Report is a way of formalising the agreement that exists between the Company and these entities, setting out objectives that will be used to measure the results achieved.

Despite the deep recession that has been affecting Italy for some time, our Cooperative has experienced a substantial expansion in 2014-2017. This makes the supplementary report all the more important, because of the growing impact that the Cooperative has on its social context.

We trust that the effort we have put into the preparation of this Social Report will be appreciated by everyone, stakeholders and readers in general, and hope it will be of interest to you.