La Giovane

Logistics, storage, inventory management, e-commerce logistics and fashion sector services.

Via Dell'artigianato, 2/A
Quartiere SPIP, Parma
  •   +39 0521 211701
  •   +39 0521 211753

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    Piazza Carrelli S.r.l.

    Forklift maintenance, overhauling, hire and sale services.

    Piazza Carrelli Srl
    Via Dell'artigianato,6/A
    Quartiere SPIP, Parma
    •   +39 0521 606268
    •   +39 0521 538501

    La CA Servizi Srl

    Software&Hardware services•Help Desk•Sale of computer equipment and tools.

    La CA Servizi
    Via Dell'artigianato, 4/A
    Quartiere SPIP, Parma
    •   +39 0521 607443
    •   +39 0521 538459

    Pvs Services Italia Srl

    European leader in the sector of e-commerce logistics, Fulfilment and Customer Service (Call centres), serving both small and large companies.

    Pvs Service Italia
    Strada A di Gainago, 2/A
    Gainago, Parma
    •   +39 0521 781153
    •   +39 0521 776200