Our Mission.

La Giovane is based on the work of its Mutual Shareholders.

It offers logistics services by creating a long-standing operational cooperation with Client Companies that request the management of their goods flow, in any sector, from stocking to processing up to expedition.

The whole Organisation operates to support and assist its Clients by offering quality services and requiring the same organisational quality standards, by combining its people’s know-how and professionalism with equipment planned for the purpose, thanks to consolidated operational synergies with its suppliers.

La Giovane cares for all its Stakeholders and promotes its human capital by creating a workplace based on participation, opportunities to express one’s potential, personal growth and group development.

While La Giovane aims to ensure economic stability for its Shareholders, it intends to stand out for its compliance with all rules, its professionalism and its and its people’s fair conduct.


Our Vision.

La Giovane wants to be recognized for the high specialization of its logistics service and its ability to meet the needs of companies operating in the Italian, European and global markets wishing to outsource the full management of their goods flow. La Giovane wants to be a Leader in its industry and ensure economic and occupational stability for present and future generations.