Logistics with efficiency and professionalism

Our company’s mission is our core purpose, the reason why the Cooperative was created and what sets us apart from every other company.

Inventory Management

La Giovane provides a turnkey inventory management service with highly-skilled, experienced personnel who can organise the entire logistics process for clients.


We assist clients in B2C and B2B e-commerce with adequate, flexible, reliable logistics support.
This is possible thanks to our partnership with PVS Services Italia S.r.l.


The warehouses at our Parma facilities are used for deposit, picking and shipping activities on behalf of our clients. We have 10,000 pallet spaces for storage.

Specialised fashion logistics

La Giovane is specialised in the management of quality garments (designer and fine fabrics) with warehouse spaces for over 100,000 hung garments

Our numbers

760 Units
760 Units

689 Shareholders

90,000 Total Sq metres Warehouse
90,000 Total Sq metres Warehouse

head office 50.000 Sq metres

€45,000,000 Revenues 2021
€45,000,000 Revenues 2021

€43,000,000 Revenues 2020